Truffle Lovers & Truffle Record Breakers

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Our truffle blog is newly live as the truffle world celebrates the sale of the largest found Winter White Truffle in New York.  It had been discovered close to our Italian base in Umbria and weighed in at a colossal 1.89 kg, just slightly smaller than an American football and costing £39,313/US$61,250 at auction at Sothebys.

Italian truffles are prized delicacies which had long been wrongly assumed in the UK to be out of most people’s culinary reach due to logistics and price, but with an increase in Italian holidays, loving patronage by celebrity chefs, truffle mania has meant that Italian truffles can now be enjoyed worldwide.  The buyer and only bidder for that record breaking Winter White Truffle was Taiwanese!

Catch the latest weekly prices for our Italian fresh truffles throughout the year, our hunters deliver us 5 different seasonal types.  As we believe everyone deserves a little treat, our minimum order is just 50g, which could cost as little for £28.50 for a Winter White Truffle or £19.50 for Winter Black Truffles. Each week we will be publishing recipes or a link to a recipe that we think sounds divine enough to share.

Fresh Truffles prices vary weekly, do subscribe to our weekly newsletter to ensure you are always up to date!

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